Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

To the Editor,

How ironic that such credence be given by the Washington Post ("Pregnancy centers found to give false information on abortion", Marc Kaufman, July 18) to a "minority report" by House Democratic staff criticizing information about ill health effects of abortion; information disseminated by Care Net pregnancy resource centers nationwide. The minority staffers' relied mainly on the majority opinion of a 2003 "expert panel" of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which concluded that "abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer".

The irony is in the fact that both the second-hand minority Congressional report and the third-hand Kaufman article ignored the minority report of the 2003 NCI expert panel, a report which I wrote from my own first-hand experience as one of the invited experts on the panel. The NCI quoted from my report in its website summary of the panel's conclusions, but omitted any reference to its author or the means to obtain its full text. This omission, however, is hardly surprising, considering that the minority report unequivocally documents that the "expert panel" was a political charade designed to cement, as official policy, the denial of abortion-breast cancer link (ABC link).

Although billed by the NCI as "workshop" which would conduct a "comprehensive review", the panel was set up with such broad coverage of "early reproductive events" and such time constraints (two full days) that there was no time for any sort of thorough review of extant data. Outrageously, the presentations of data on the ABC link were entirely one-sided, only given by experts who claim there is no good evidence for it. All the several experts in attendance who acknowledge the ABC link were either assigned presentations on other topics or not allowed to make any presentations at all. Moreover, new data claimed to constitute evidence against the ABC link were explicitly withheld from examination by invited experts such as myself, even upon specific public request.

These facts about the NCI "workshop" are verifiable by checking the textual and video archives available on the NCI website ( by anyone who cares to dig for the real facts under the misleading and false conclusions that Mr. Waxman's staff and the Post relied upon. The full text of my minority report is available on our website ( My own thorough and up-to-date (December 2005) peer-reviewed review of the recent literature on the ABC link is also available on line (

Women who choose abortion are indeed substantially more likely to get breast cancer than women who do not choose abortion. It took many years before the NCI and the World Health Organization finally admitted that birth control pills increase the risk of breast cancer. How many more women must suffer and die from this dreaded disease before those agencies and organizations admit that abortion is also a preventable cause? Kudos to Care Net for being willing to brave politically motivated retribution to tell women the truth and save precious lives.


Joel Brind, Ph.D.,
Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, 9 Vassar Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
1-866-622-6237; Best contact phone number: 914-805-9215
date: 7/23/06

Breast Cancer Prevention Institute

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