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Breast cancer Prevention Institute
Welcome to  the
Breast Cancer Prevention Institute (BCPI)

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, which educates healthcare professionals and the general public through research publications, lectures, and the internet, on ways to reduce breast cancer incidence.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute was started in 1999 by a scientist and three physicians to educate women and medical professionals. Our website was launched in 2002.

Prevention is paramount because even early detection and a high cure rate won't spare a woman the trials of surgery, chemotherapy and the emotional toll on her and her loved ones. BCPI is dedicated to our commitment to educate women and medical professionals of ALL the established risks, well-known and lesser-known, of breast cancer.

Despite the widely held belief that it is unknown what causes breast cancer, the fact is most breast cancer risks are dependent upon lifetime exposure to estrogen and the age at which a woman matures her breast tissue through pregnancy. We hope that you will start to learn about the biology of the breast that makes it susceptible to breast cancer by first reading "Breast Cancer: Risk and Prevention booklet." It will give you a good overview to understand that it is not just bad genes, or family history that causes a woman to be at risk.

Much of the recent surge in breast cancer, especially in young women, is attributable to avoidable risks. Armed with full and accurate information, women can make healthier choices that will minimize their risk of breast cancer. These choices involve life style strategies and dietary strategies.

This information can be found on our website through our many resources including our booklet, our many brochures, Fact Sheets, videos, Youtube video, semi-annual BCPI Report, and News items. Some are also in Spanish.

All of our information is free to read online. We rely on our readers and supporters for donations to provide for the development of more materials and to maintain this site.

The first DEFENSE against
breast cancer is PREVENTION

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